To add Life to any Interior space, the Floor must be covered with a Layer of Color & Character. Wherether it’s a Residential Staircase, Corporate Rugs or a Ballroom Carpet, you can have the beauty of our Exclusive Carpets without the prolonged wait.

Merge Carpets and Rugs come in a limitless array of Designs, colors, finishes, yarns & construction techniques to fit specific needs..

Besides our broad range of stock designs and sizes, it is often the case that to achieve the ideal rug, it is necessary to order a custom design specifically tailored to your space. From Classic to Modern, Traditional to Abstract, the only limitation for our Custom Carpets - is your Imagination.

Carpet is a textile and unfortunately a picture cannot display the True Beauty and Feel of a MERGE Carpet Masterpiece. But kindly browse our Profile and catch a glimpse of our Breathtaking Work.