Keeping your Merge Carpet clean is a priority to ensure it remains a valuable part of the look and design of your space. Proper maintenance treatment procedures have proven to maintain the appearance of the rug consistently throughout the carpet’s life, resulting in an extended rug life. On-site maintenance allows for a commercial cleaning contractor to professionally clean your rugs onsite. We recommend that your carpet or rug be cleaned in this way every 6-12 months.

General Instructions: Vacuum regularly to remove fluff and dust from pile. Some vacuum cleaners have an additional motorized head– we recommend NOT to use these. In the event of a spill, clean a spill immediately before it has a chance to set. First, scrape excess liquid, before dabbing dry with a cloth. To remove stains, simply use a cloth dabbed in warm soapy water. Avoid harsh hand movements.


All products manufactured and supplied by The Merge Projekt are manufactured as per International Standards and quality norms. All our Carpets come with standard international warranty and support.