When looking for the perfect carpet, the style, color, fiber and pattern are important factors. Our broad range of Carpets is available in different materials and designs to fit your specific needs. Most designs can be created in different qualities to match your budget and demands for wear-resistance, traffic, acoustics, comfort, insulation, fire resistance, etc.

With over 60 looms and manpower of 150 craftsmen, we are well equipped to handle projects of 2000 square meters simultaneously.We can handle a whole project, from concept to carpet from producing the design, spinning & dyeing the yarn, weaving the carpet using state-of-the-art technology to finishing, clipping, drying, packing & shipping the product.

Each Carpet we manufacture begins with a unique design and is finished by hand to achieve the proper finish. Each color used in our carpets is custom dyed and woven into the carpet stitch by stitch by experienced craftsmen. Since all the procedures take place under one roof, we are able to offer a seamless process from customizing, sampling, all the way through to production. The art of a hand-made Carpet is intricate and cannot be reproduced in a production line.

We have a wide range of products that allow us to produce designs in various weaving techniques fiber types, colors and finishes. For Hand-made Carpets, handmade processes and simple tools are used from dyeing the yarn, tufting or knotting the design, to binding, carving and finishing. These processes allow for families to work together to retain techniques that have been passed down from generation to generation. Child labor and exploitation is against our business philosophy and is therefore not present in any of our manufacturing processes. We support a variety of programs that prevent child labor.


Stocks : In order to appreciate the quality of our Carpets, we invite you to come view our current stocks at our Studio prominently located at Turner Road in Bandra West, Mumbai. If you are unable to visit, our representatives will share images of our stock and custom Carpets so you can choose from our extensive library of designs.

Home Trial and Consultation : When buying a stock rug from us, we recommend that you place the rug at home before making a decision as it’s the only way to make sure it fits your space in terms of its design, colors and size. Skilled members of our Home Trial service visit your home to assess the space and offer professional advice and style suggestions.

Customize or Bespoke Design : Despite our broad range of stock designs and sizes, it is often the case that to achieve the ideal rug it is necessary to order a custom version of a chosen design specifically tailored to your space. Or sometimes, a space may require something unique. Describe to us your design brief or inspirational images.

Color Selection : Select the colors you would like to incorporate in your carpet from our 1200 color palette or we could even match to any color you give us, be it a fabric, a paint swatch or an artwork. Refer our Product Gallery to gain an insight of the same.

Fibre & Finishes Selection: Choose from our highest qualities of New Zealand wool, Silk, Bamboo Silk, Banana Silk, Viscose, Nylon & Leather. Varying appearances can be achieved by applying different finishes such as cut, cut-loop, raised emboss, mottle effect, etc. Refer our Product Gallery to gain an insight of the same

Design & Artwork: When the design is settled on, our dedicated design team will create artworks & renderings until you are completely satisfied with the perfect carpet for you.

Sample : Your hand trial sample will reach you within 2 weeks to give you an insight of how the design & colors coordinate with the style & theme of your interior décor.

Production : Upon design/ sample approval and confirmation, your completely customized Carpet will be ready within a lead time of 3 weeks or more, depending upon the quantity.

Site Measurement : We provide full site measurement and auto cad layout presentation for perfect quantification of the Carpet area so as to minimize wastage and thus help to execute the project in least possible cost.

Installation : Wall to wall Carpets installation is executed by our experienced team seamlessly and closely monitored by the site supervisor with utmost attention to every minute detail & joint.

After-Sales Support : All our products are supported with warranty and we also provide annual maintenance contracts. Our experienced team is always available for any after-sales support with least possible response time.