The Merge Projekt has evolved as a strong name in the field of Area Rug, Wall to Wall & Custom-made Carpets industry. Together with the experience of the Parent Company, today we stand as one of India's leading Hand-made Carpet Manufacturers for Star Hotels, Corporate Offices & High Profile Residences.

We have grown into one of India’s finest Carpet manufacturers in terms of design, development & production, supplying a number of well known corporate giants with stock and bespoke items from our headquarters in Mumbai. We have built up an impressive Portfolio of Multinational & local Clients in India & across the globe.

We are known for our superior quality products, extensive market knowledge, expertise in customization, competitive pricing and our capacity to meet bulk and individual requirements.

With over 60 looms and a manpower of 150 craftsmen, we are well equipped to handle projects of 2000 square meters simultaneously. We can handle a whole project from concept to carpet - from producing the design, spinning & dyeing the yarn, weaving the carpet using state-of-the-art technology to finishing, clipping, drying, packing & shipping the product. Since all the procedures take place under one roof, we are able to offer a seamless process from customizing, sampling, all the way through to production.

Our carpets come in a limitless array of designs, colors, finishes, yarns & construction techniques to fit specific needs. For custom solutions to individual projects, we provide our clients the freedom of design.

We are able to control costs depending on specific client requirements in order to provide them the best product even in tight budgets & timelines, keeping quality control our utmost priority.

To meet the demands of the growing market, we have diversified our Carpet Range Portfolio.

Our extensive Carpet Array includes

Hand-made Carpets

  • Hand-tufted
  • Hand-knotted
  • Leather
  • Dhurries
  • Shaggy

Machine-made Carpets

  • Axminster
  • Machine-Tufted Printed
  • Modular Carpet Tiles

We manufacture Hand-made Carpets in India & Machine-made Carpets in China with a strong collaboration with our sister concern company. We are one of the very few Manufacturers of Custom Axminster and Machine-tuft printed Carpets in India.