Our Projects

Merge Carpets have graced the floors of Banquet Halls, Luxury Hotels, Ballrooms, Premium Residences, Corporate Offices, Religious and Educational Institiutions across the globe.We offer different carpet styles that work best in different situations. Following are the main categories of Carpets based on their Application:

Our Hand-made Carpets warm up the room they are laid in and are the best choice in home decorating. If you want a beautiful entry rug that matches your staircase, we can take any design concepts and unite them to make Carpets that compliment one another. If you want wall to wall Carpets in certain areas, with accent rugs to match, we can make them too using the same dye lot so there is no difference in color. Handmade using exclusive materials for superior quality and timeless beauty, our Carpets and Rugs have exquisite craftsmanship offering an air of luxury. The personal touch of our designers and artisans to add carving, different pile textures & pile heights, cut & loop piles, brings out a completely unique visual impact.

We are not limited in design and color, we infact create Carpets from actual artworks. Our entire range of Hand-made Carpets can be used in Residential Settings.

Our Commercial Carpets create the ideal space for employees and clients, blending design with practicality. Carpets for your Commercial interior or retail space provide noise and sound insulation, while also being soft to walk on. We advise installing Modular Carpet tiles in Commercial Interiors as they provide more flexibility since each tile can be replaced individually incase of staining. For areas such as Conference Halls, Meetings Rooms & Directors’ Cabins, we offer Hand-tufted or Machine-tufted Carpets that come in a variety of textures, designs & patterns that highlight the aesthetics of any Business Environment. For Lobby and Reception Areas, we advise Custom Hand-made Corporate Rugs in which you can have your Company Logo or design made into the Carpet.

From Luxury Hospitality to Boutique Hotels, our Custom Carpets can meet all your needs. Besides Nylon, all our products are made from natural fibres hence offer incredible durability and retain their appearance much longer than synthetic Carpeting making it an excellent choice for even extremely high traffic applications such as Ballrooms, Guestrooms, Banquet Halls, Corridors, Lobbies and Public areas. All our Carpets meet strict fire ratings making them an excellent choice for both beauty and safety. We offer the following Hospitality Carpet options in Contract Quality: Hand-tufted Carpets,Axminster Carpets, Machine-tufted Printed Carpets